Alec Shelmerdine

Alec is the lead singer and rhythm guitarist for Neanderthal  Although now Southend based he is a veteran of the London metal scene having played in thrash bands Sigil and Semi-Automatic Hate Machine as well as classic rock and metal covers band the Headbangers. During this tenure his various bands have supported a host of underground metal legends including: Extreme Noise Terror, Labrat, Virus, Cannabis Corpse, Discharge, The Red Chord and Metalworks. He has been playing and writing for over 20 years and shows no sign of mellowing with age!

Adam Loveridge

Adam Loveridge, a solo artist and lead guitarist of local Southend band Neanderthal. He has also helped work on material by Luke Swift and Nigel Sanders.

Adam took up the guitar at the end of high school in 2006, although he only recently began writing songs whilst studying at university in Birmingham during 2010. 

During this time, the three songs which made up his first 'Hysteresis Effect' EP were written and recorded shortly after returning to Southend in 2011. This completely self produced EP is available for streaming through Adam's YouTube channel. Writing for the next Hysteresis Effect songs continues now in 2013, with plans for a full album in progress. 

His music, which is heavily influenced by Progessive Bands such as Dream Theater, Rush, Pink Floyd and Opeth, has opened Adam up to a number of new musical avenues. 

Across all of his musical work, a great range of influences are present from progessive rock to death metal to classical to orchestral soundtrack. Adam is thoroughly looking forward

to everything that 2013 has to offer and hopes to meet many new people on the road as the music comes to life. 


Jonathan Stokes

Jon has been a musician since he was 11, starting on the trumpet but gradually finding rock and then the metal. He is currently the bassist and backing vocalist for Neanderthal and Doom Metal band Spectral Darkwave. His previous bands include 'SlapKunt' 'Just Add Rum' and 'The Endless'.

Joe Reid

Joseph Reid was born on the 28th of January 1997. He was raised in Shoeburyness just outside of Southend on sea. At the age of 10, a few years after his parents separated, his mum had brought him a small, kid’s size drum kit to play on. His mums partner Marc Howson, who’d previously played as the drummer for a band came in and taught Joe his first beat. He seemed to pick it up well and after a while his parents decided to get him to start lessons with local drummer, Steevi Bacon. 

2 years of lessons later,  Joe went on to and found a metal band just starting named ‘Inner Fortress’ who were looking for a drummer. Joe joined and once they introduced in a vocalist they hit the local metal scene. Joe spent 3 years practising  learning to also play guitar and bass, playing lots of gigs, joining lots of bands, one of which is an acoustic rock band with his mum’s partner Marc on guitar called ‘The Velvet Tree.’ 

After joining and leaving multiple bands and perfecting his skills in metal playing, he went back on to in search of a new metal band to play with. After finding an add from a local metal band ‘Neanderthal’ he went in for a practice to meet Adam, Alec and Jon, the other guys in the band to see what it would be like. He instantly got on very well with all the guys, loved what they played and now plays as their full time drummer. Now he spends his time studying music in college, teaching drums, volunteering for a company supporting adults with learning disabilities and playing some of his favourite music with what he calls some of the best musicians in Southend.

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